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3 Types of Customers You Should Always Consider

Whether you're deciding on promotions, tweaking the design of your online store, or considering marketing techniques, here are three types of customers you should always consider as you're doing anything related to your store.

1. First-time visitors⁣

2. Repeat visitors who haven’t purchased⁣

3. Repeat visitors who have purchased⁣


First-Time Visitors

⁣For first-time visitors, you should focus on what is going to get them to take that first step. Most first-time customers don't make a purchase because of a few things... a slow site, a site that seems sketchy/non-trustworthy, a site that isn't easy to navigate, and not enough of an incentive to move them towards purchasing.⁣

So what should you do to help them past these obstacles? ⁣

Test and clean up your online store. Make sure it's as fast as possible, easy to navigate, there aren't obvious errors that might signify to a first-time customer that they shouldn't order, and add in some symbols of "trust" like testimonials/reviews or customer photos.

We have a great 20-page checklist that will take you page-by-page through your store to ensure it's in tip-top shape and not driving and customers away. You can snag it for just $19 here: https://www.shecommerceacademy.com/offers/tobPWA9D/checkout

You also may want to consider giving first-time visitors an extra incentive to buy knowing that they are up against the most obstacles before purchasing. An idea for this could be a pop-up with a discount code for first-time customers.

Repeat Visitors Who Haven't Purchased

For these types of customers, you may want to consider running retargeting ads on Facebook. Retargeting ads are much more effective than regular FB ads targeting a new group of customers, because they are showing ads to people who are already familiar with your brand. You can even use dynamic retargeting to show them the exact product that they were viewing.

For people who are hesitant on price, you can retarget them with an ad and give them a special discount code for 10% off their order or free shipping. It might be enough of incentive to get them to make that purchase

If you don't want to (or can't afford to) give up a portion of your profits on a certain product, you may just want to retarget them with an ad in general - as this can help remind a distracted shopper to make that purchase.

I'll be putting together quite a few resources on Facebook ads/retargeting ads over the next month or two for SheCom Insiders! If you'd like to join in, get access to 1000+ resources, and give input on the things I'll be teaching, check out the Insiders Academy by clicking here.

For the visitors who just aren't sure if the product will meet their expectations, be sure to use copy to help ease any of their concerns. A general rule is that the more complex a product, the longer and more detailed your description of it should be. You want to be sure to answer all customer concerns and questions before they purchase through your product descriptions and/or an FAQ section for non-product-specific questions. Check out our free blog on writing better product descriptions here!

Repeat Visitors Who Have Purchased Before

For repeat visitors who have purchased before, these are some of your most valuable leads. They have purchased with you previously so they've already overcome many of the obstacles above. You also likely have their contact information and can use email to reach them instead of other, less-direct methods. Repeat customers typically will need a reminder and incentive to bring them back in for a purchase. Bonus points if it's personalized!
What should you do to encourage another purchase?

These customers need to be reminded to purchase again. You can utilize email for this or retargeting ads. I recommend regularly sending out promotional and valuable emails to your list to keep your brand top-of-mind. While you can utilize merge tags to personalize things a bit on these emails, it's hard to make it feel super personal. What you can do on top of these regular emails is set up email automations to automatically trigger emails to go out to these customers. Maybe it's a review reminder 45 days after purchase and then 3 months after purchase a personalized email that says "since you loved X we think you'd love the products below - take 10% off when you shop now." Mailchimp and other email programs have these automations available, but they are a little challenging to set up. We do offer email marketing packages as well as automation set up as one of our services so if anyone wants a quote on this just email [email protected]

Well, there you have it! The 3 types of customers that you should be considering every step of the way and a few tips on how to help them overcome the boundaries towards purchase.


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