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5 Tips for Writing Better Product Descriptions

Writing product descriptions can be a time-consuming and tedious task. And with all that there is to know about SEO, you might lack confidence that your product descriptions are written in a way that is working to bring visitors in and convert them into customers!

I'm going to give you tips today on how to improve your product descriptions - but if you want to get some in-depth education on SEO and product descriptions, check out our Insiders Academy. On top of the hundreds of materials already inside, we have an expert guide from SEO content writer and e-commerce expert, Emily Gertenbach. She also joined us for a LIVE Insiders-Only presentation to talk about how to boost your sales through content - and the replay is inside the Academy! Click here to get more info on our Insiders Academy. ✨⁣

And without further ado, here are 5 tips for writing better product descriptions:

1. Write for your buyers, not for bots 🛍

While keywords are incredibly important for SEO, your content still needs to make sense for your customer. A paragraph cluttered with keywords comes off as contrived and while a description packed with keywords may have helped get them to the site, it probably won’t make them purchase.⁣

2. Hype up the benefits 🙌🏼

Don’t just describe the features of your product - talk about how it’s going to benefit them. Sure, you could easily describe your shirt as a “cap sleeve black top with elastic bottom” - what is that product going to DO for your consumer? Is it going to accentuate their waist? Is it perfect for hiding untoned arms? Is the material soft and inviting? Does it pair well with just about every type of bottom? Tell your customers that!

3. Don’t guess on your keywords 🤔

Do your research and discover who your target market is and what they’re searching for. Emily of E.G. Creative Content goes over some great ways to discover keywords that you should be using in her Insiders Academy expert guide if you want to learn about this portion further! Click here to become an Insider.

4. Use your keywords strategically 🎯

You don’t have to just use them in your product descriptions - be sure to use your main keyword in your title, your alt image tags, and even your page URL.

5. Use your voice & be creative!

No one likes a boring product description. Think back on the product descriptions that have stuck in your mind - what were they like? More than likely - they were unique and creative. They told the features and benefits of the product, but the tone of voice was friendly. The word choice was unique. It not only made you want to buy the product but become BFFs with the brand. Aim for that! And if you want some Inso, check out some of your favorite brands to see how they’re writing their product descriptions. Write down some of your favorite words and phrases they use and start making a list to inspire your next description!⁣

Want to go even more in-depth and learn from the expert? Become an Insider to get access to Emily's expert guide and LIVE presentation!

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I hope these tips helped and I hope to see you on the Inside!


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