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Get Inspired! 10 Effective Email Marketing Designs

Email marketing is your number one way to personalize your marketing efforts. It’s almost the new year, and it’s no secret that 2020 marketing is all about connecting and building relationships with your customers. You should aim to create brand advocates that will help your business grow. Email marketing is perfect for directly reaching your targeted customers (both new and loyal), while also helping increase your website traffic and drive revenue. 

This will be a huge factor in your future sales — that’s why it’s crucial to have some killer email designs and content. If you’ve missed our previous blog, Email Marketing | 7 Types of Emails That Drive Sales, check that out first to get all the details, including seven emails you should be using to consistently engage your customers.

Image Matters: Must-Have Design Elements

Beautiful, chic, aesthetically pleasing designs are super important in retail. Your emails should grab attention and support your branding efforts. However, beautiful design is subjective— there’s no template or formula because design is a reflection on your taste, the brand message and personal preference. Regardless, there are some general design elements that are great to implement to optimize your email marketing.

  1. Big, Bold ImageryYou know what I’m talking about here— the most engaging emails have big images that stretch the full-width across a customer’s screen. The text is clear, bold and compelling, sometimes overlapping the image. This type of imagery paired with a strong, direct call to action is a huge motivator for your customers.

  2. Keep Your Branding—Your branding is the core of your business. It’s what helps customers feel comfortable and familiar with what you offer. Branding provides a sense of security, especially to your loyal customers, so it needs to be prioritized in your email design. 

  3. Easy to Read—People have short attention spans, so it’s important you grab their attention quickly—typically in the first 3-5 seconds of opening your email. Not only do you need simple, clear, convincing copy but you’ll need to use big headers with carefully thought out spacing. Get your message across as early in the email as possible. 
  4. Design for Devices—Nearly half of emails these days are opened on a phone, so when designing emails you need to make sure you’re designing emails that look as great on a mobile screen as they do on a desktop. 

Here Are 10 Email Marketing Designs for Inspiration:

1. J.Crew

Simple yet big and bold! This does a great job of continuing promotions even after the holidays.


2. Curology

Simple and super on brand— this design is fresh and clean, perfect for a skincare brand!


3. Brit + Co.

This message is cute, straightforward and a great way to re-engage the customer.


4. American Eagle Outfitters

This one has a longer message, but notice how the main points (like the header and promotions) are the most attention-grabbing elements.

5. Asos

This email is showing off new products with lots of imagery, new product info and Asos included their rewards program at the end— a perfect package to get a customer shopping.



6. Ann Taylor

A clever way to collect your customer’s birthdays— who doesn’t love a free gift?


7. Urban Outfitters

A great layout to aesthetically show off new products, while still not overcomplicating things.  


8. Steven Alan

This is great inspo for a welcome email— notice how it’s bold and easy to read. They are engaging the customer right away with 15% off!


9. Sample: Urgency Email

This is a great example to get your customers shopping during the months where there’s not much going on— by limiting the sale, you’re creating a sense of urgency to motivate your customers.


10. Ritual

This is perfect inspo for a newsletter type of email or a message where you’re just connecting with your customers. Also a great design to incorporate your Instagram!

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