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SheCom Resources: An Interview with Kalys of Growave

We touched base with Kalys, of Growave - a 5-star customer loyalty app available on Shopify - to get the SheCom Scoop on what it does, who it's for, and what those who use it can expect. From reviews, to VIP loyalty programs, custom lookbooks, and more, the Growave app can help boutiques and online stores engage more meaningfully with customers and create a unique customer experience. 

Holly: So what is the Growave app? Give us a little overview of what customers can do with the app?

Kalys: Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users and increase conversions with ease. You get all tools for reaching, engaging and converting your customers like Wishlists, Rewards and Loyalty, Instagram galleries, Automated emails, Reviews, Comments, Referral, and Social login, all under one dashboard for a great price. 

Holly: How can this app help boutique owners/store owners pivot their businesses right now to sell more digitally?

Kalys: Growave lets online brands go viral by encouraging their customers to share the brand on social media and email, build strong customer relationships using loyalty programs and reviews, and drive inspiration and increase conversion rates using customer reviews and user-generated content, leading to bigger sales.

Here are some numbers from our clients: Growave automatically collects 650 customer reviews monthly for Uniqso brand, and 27 million points earned and 5.2 million spent in 9 months for SM Global Shop. Also right now we have dropped the prices to 50% to support merchants during COVID-19. We love helping entrepreneurs and offer a true partnership. This is why so many love us back.

Holly: How can the Growave app create a unique customer experience?

Kalys: Needless to say, people love getting rewarded – it makes the customers feel valued by the online brand. The more rewards they get, the more they come back to shop again. We help merchants to motivate their customers to like and promote their brand on social media, get more repeat purchases, and increase customer lifetime value by designing Rewards and Loyalty Programs. This keeps customers engaged with the brand.

Holly: What is your favorite feature?

Kalys: Probably the Reviews feature, as product reviews are an essential part of any online store's branding and marketing today. In 2020 77% of shoppers will read reviews before purchasing a product as they are probably relying on the product’s social proof to make their final decision. Reviews help build trust and loyalty and typically describe what sets your products apart from others. Even the best products in the world will mean nothing if customers don’t trust the brand and don’t make purchases. 

Holly: Who would this app be right for?

Kalys: For merchants to motivate online shoppers to engage more meaningfully with the brand, increase repeat purchases, drive more sales, and turn customers into loyal advocates.


With 5 star ratings and more features than we can count, we highly recommend the Growave app. You can get started today with a SheCom-exclusive 30-day trial right here.

Note: This is not a paid affiliate link or program, we just aim to provide our audience with information and access to high-quality apps.


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