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SheCom Resources: An Interview with Endear's Co-Founder Leigh Sevin

We touched base with Leigh Sevin, Co-Founder of Endear, a CRM platform that boasts a 61% average return on investment and a 96x better conversion rate than regular email marketing, to get the SheCom Scoop on what it does, who it's for, and what those who use it can expect.  Plus - if you want to give it a try, stick around until the end to get double the usual free trial period (now through June 30th) just for our SheCommerce community.

HOLLY: So what is Endear? Give us a little overview of what customers can do with the app?

LEIGH: Endear is the CRM platform built specifically for retail sales teams to help them manage their client outreach and track their performance. We've heard horror stories from our current customers about how they used to spend hours crafting and sending one-off emails and texts with no way to know the impact of their efforts. But with Endear, store owners and associates can now efficiently keep in touch with a wider audience based on any range of behaviors and characteristics without sacrificing even an ounce of personalization.


HOLLY: How can Endear help boutique owners/store owners pivot their businesses right now to sell more digitally?

LEIGH: Endear is truly an omnichannel selling tool - with Endear, store owners can offer the same level of service remotely as they would in-store. As a complement to traditional email marketing, Endear empowers users to chat with customers 1-on-1 over email and text in order to offer them assistance with picking out products and sizes, understanding what pairs well, or even informing them about new digital services or promotions.

HOLLY: We’ve been talking a lot about cultivating loyal customers this month in our Facebook Group, how can the Endear app create a unique experience to better the customer experience?

LEIGH: Thanks to your POS and other data-capture opportunities, you probably know more about your customers than you realize. Endear is a great resource for uncovering those insights, such as how long customers have been shopping with you or how much they spent on their last visit. Especially with Endear's lookbook features, it's easier than ever to leverage a customer's purchase history in order to make personalized recommendations around what to buy next and why - you can even share how new items would fit with what they already own.


HOLLY: What is your favorite feature?

LEIGH: My favorite feature is our sales tracking suite. Since the rise of e-commerce, the big question on most owners' minds is, "how does my store impact my online sales?" We always wanted to make it clear how human interaction led to online purchases and with our insights, users can find out which customers made a purchase as a result of their outreach.


HOLLY: Who would Endear be right for?


Whether you have 1 store or 10, or even if you're just getting started with your e-commerce presence, Endear is the best way to offer high-touch service for your customers no matter where they are. We understand that running a store is enough work without having to worry about the tech side of things, so Endear offers a 1-click integration with Shopify - you don't have to write or insert any code on your site, Endear will automatically start importing your customer and product data as soon as you install.

If you find yourself already building very close-knit relationships with customers, they will be so grateful to have a way to email and text you whenever they need you and you'll be amazed at the sales that come out of this sort of attention. Our users typically see a 5% conversion rate on their messages, meaning that for every 100 shoppers they reach out to, 5 make a purchase within 30 days.


HOLLY: Great! Thank you for sharing this amazing app with us — how can our SheCom Community start using Endear?

LEIGH: The Shecommerce community can start using Endear for free today! Simply use code SheCommerce when you sign up and you can enjoy an extended free trial of the app until June 30th.


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