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15 Strategies to Sell Online Amidst COVID-19

Relying on Online Sales Right Now?

These next few months you're probably going to be relying a lot on digital sales - whether it's through your website, your social, or other sources.

Most stores are closed at this point - and if yours isn't, it's still never too early to think about how to transition over to promoting your products online.

If you have an online store already, you're one step ahead of the game. If not, there are still so many opportunities for you to sell digitally right now.

Here are 15 ways to up your digital-selling game this week:

✔️Offer FREE curbside pickup or local delivery

✔️Post a photo or video of the measures you're taking to adhere to CDC recommendations (we never thought Lysol-ing packages could look glam but now's the time)!

✔️Introduce gift cards - people still want to support small businesses. Allow purchases of gift cards or even offer a gift card incentive (buy $X in gift cards, get $Y gift card free)

✔️Offer discounted or free online shipping (note: make sure you have your numbers in check before you do this - you don't want to put yourself in the red!)

✔️Showcase your inventory in a new way by creating new photo and video content with your products

If you haven't downloaded our free DIY photo shoot guide, grab your copy here!)

✔️Go LIVE on Instagram Stories and walk your customer through your new arrivals, or even introduce them to a one piece in detail

✔️Go LIVE on Instagram Stories and do a "Try On" - showing how the products look on a model

✔️Go LIVE on Instagram and show an "EDIT" (i.e. Spring Essentials, Wardrobe Staples, etc.) to show your customers why they need your items

✔️Send an email, a text, or DM to your top customers to check in on how they're doing. It may not be the best time to be salesly to them but it will remind them why they shop local when things calm down.

✔️Film a How-To Shop video - show your customers how they can still shop with you (whether it's by placing an order via phone, shopping on your site, or commenting SOLD on your posts) - explicitly show your customers what to do so there are no boundaries for them.

✔️Offer discounts to certain groups of people (i.e. Nurses, teachers, cashiers, etc.)

✔️Offer discounts to those who show a receipt from another local business

✔️Better yet, partner up with some local businesses to support and post about one another. Start a group DM or a FB group and help each other succeed! Your followers may have some overlap but there are bound to be some followers who are new to your store.

✔️Keep your audience engaged - you don't have to sell on every post. Remind them again why they shop local and empathize with them. Bring some humor to their day. Ask them questions about how they're handling WFH or Homeschooling. 

✔️Send out emails! If you have an email list to market to, this is the time to digitally shine. 

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